Remote Programming

Many hearing aids today can be programmed remotely with the software or smartphone application that is provided by the manufacturer. Remote fine-tuning can be a more comfortable and convenient way for hearing aid wearers to get adjustments on their hearing aids. While the exact process varies by brand, remote hearing care (sometimes referred to as TeleHealth or TeleAudiology) allows the user to receive updates and programming adjustments without having to visit the provider's office. This allows those who do not want to travel for health, convenience or economic reasons to get regular updates to their hearing aid programming "prescription". Our providers and technicians have been programming hearing aids remotely for years and have experience programming hundreds of hearing aids virtually.

Virtual Programming Technology Used

  • HIPAA-compliant video software
  • Flexihub software
  • Signia Telecare App
  • Phonak Remote Support
  • Starkey Hearing Care Anywhere (via Thrive app)
  • ReSound Assist

Who we can help with Remote Fine-Tuning

  • Snap customers after they have received their fitting at our Scottsdale office.
  • Customers that purchased/acquired their hearing aids elsewhere and can no longer access service

While we prefer that people purchase hearing aids directly from a local provider, we understand that there are many hearing aids users that have purchased online or were given hearing aids from a friend or relative. We do not want these hearing aid wearers to be without care or service, so we do our best to accommodate most situations.

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