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Phonak Marvel was the first hearing aid to allow direct connectivity to both Apple (iOS) and Android phones. Marvel devices are available in different technology levels and have standard and rechargeable battery options.

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Phonak Marvel

In late 2018, Phonak launched their Marvel lineup and it has quickly become one of the most popular hearing aids on the market. Featuring the newest generation of Phonak technology, Marvel devices have the ability to recognize and adapt automatically to more listening situations than previous generations. They also were the first devices that could stream directly to an iPhone or Android smartphone without the use of an intermediary streamer. With AutoSense OS 3.0 and binaural VoiceStream technology, these new hearing aids offer enhanced speech understanding in noise, improved streaming quality and an improvement in sound clarity. The Phonak Marvel users have the choice of using either a standard Zinc-Air replaceable battery, or going with the rechargeable Lithium-Ion option.

Major Features of Phonak Marvel

  • SoundRecover
  • Rechargeable Option
  • AutoSense 3.0
  • Bluetooth (direct streaming to Android or iOS)

AutoSense OS 3

AutoSense OS 3.0 is Phonak's breakthrough technology that listens to the world around you and adjust accordingly to fit your needs. Ease of use was key in designing the AutoSense OS 3.0 program. The program is constantly listening to your sound environment and adjusting in real time to give you the best listening experience possible.

Lithium Ion Technology

Lithium Ion Batteries are designed to last the lifetime of you owning your hearing aids. The ease of convenience behind plugging your hearing aids in every night and not having to worry about replacing batteries provides hundreds of thousands of users with peace of mind. Lithium Ion has proven reliable and durable to handle the toughest of conditions. With a slew of options like the Phonak Mini Charger Case, Phonak Power Pack and Phonak Charger Combi Case you will know that you have the power to get through any situation.

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