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Starkey Livio hearing aids are the first with artificial intelligence and activity sensors. Using the Thrive app from Starkey, wearers can track their brain, body and hearing health. The Livio devices come with advanced features like frequency shifting, noise reduction and tinnitus relief.

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Starkey Livio

Starkey Livio (and Livio AI) hearing aids are some of the most advanced hearing devices on the market.  The Livio AI hearing aids are the first with sensors and artificial intelligence, a combination that allows users to track their hearing and wellness through activity tracking, fall detection, alerts and more. Using the Thrive Hearing App, wearers can also keep track of Body, Brain and Wellness scores. They can also have adjustments made remotely, without having to visit a hearing care provider's office.

Livio Features

  • Rechargeable
  • Streaming of phone calls and TV audio
  • Conversation transcription (through smartphone app)
  • Reminders (through smartphone app)
  • Remote programming features
  • Feedback control
  • Speech Optimization
  • Frequency Lowering
  • Tinnitus Relief

Livio Rechargeability

Stakey Livio rechargeable hearing aids use the standard Lithium-Ion technology and provide all-day hearing with a full charge. Using their mini turbo-charger accessory provides further convenience by charging the devices in under 3 hours. This charging unit can also be used 4 times before needing a charge itself, making it a great travel companion for Livio wearers.

Livio Activity Tracking

As the first hearing aids with 3D motion sensors and built-in artificial intelligence, Livio AI and it's companion Thrive Hearing app, allow users to reliably monitor not only their steps and movement, they also measure actions that are good for brain health, like usage of the hearing aids, social engagement, and time spent listening actively.

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