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The Signia Silk is the smallest and most natural sounding Completely in the Canal (CIC) hearing aid on the market today. When it comes to being discreet, the Signia Silk Nx hearing aids are the ultimate in stylish hearing aid technology. In the past, when you were diagnosed with a hearing loss, the process of being fitted for hearing aids would take some time. Fittings required customized molds and adjustments to ensure that your hearing aids would fit you comfortably and provide the best performance to meet your hearing needs. Many of the industry's best hearing aids are still fitted this way — to provide an optimal listening experience. Signia Silk changes the game as a ready-to-wear, completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid, that is invisible in the ear.

Features of Signia Silk

  • OneMic Directionality
  • SpeechFocus
  • Tinnitus Relief


Signia Silk's build is one of its best features as Signia produced a super soft and comfortable hearing aid that fits nearly every ear. Despite its miniature size, Silk has an impressive amount of power and features. Silk devices are designed to leverage the natural binaural listening experience, giving the wearer enhanced directionality. Silk achieves this through the OneMic feature, which boosts hearing to focus on specific sounds in your environment, while canceling out background noise you do not want to hear. Wireless streaming capabilities, in conjunction with accessories and smartphone controls, gives you a more streamlined listening experience.

Other Features & Tinnitus

For many with hearing loss, speech recognition is one of the greatest challenges. When you've found yourself in noisy restaurants, parties, bars, or in any sort of crowd, you may have experienced difficulty making out conversation among multiple speakers. Signia Silk's SpeechMaster function addresses this challenge by automatically focusing on the voices of your conversation partners, while reducing background noises and other voices. SpeechMaster is one of the main features that helps to reduce listening effort throughout the day. Signia addresses the issue of tinnitus with the Signia Silk. Tinnitus, a ringing of the ears, is a common condition that accompanies 90% of hearing loss cases. Signia's tinnitus program provides static and ocean wave preset sounds to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.

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