Phonak Audeo Hearing Aids

New Audeo Marvel launched in 2019!

The latest Audeo hearing aids come with rechargeable hearing aid batteries, water-resitant coatings, direct-to-Android and iPhone capabilities and the latest in audiological features.

Why pay $6,000 for hearing aids?
Mesa, Scottsdale, Sun City and Phoenix residents can get brand-new Audeo Marvel hearing aids starting at $1199!

Phonak Audeo Features
(Belong "B" Series)

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery systems (B-R only)
  • SoundRecover frequency compression
  • Direct-to-Android streaming (B-Direct only)
  • Ultra-zoom for speech intelligibility in noise
  • Up to 20 fine-tuning channels
  • Whistleblock to stop feedback

Phonak Audeo Marvel Pricing (M Series)









Phonak Audeo Pricing (B Series)









AutoSense OS on the Belong Platform

The Audéo B hearing aids utilize the latest operating system and processing platform from Phonak: Belong. The latest automatic program, AutoSense OS, is a dramatic improvement that blends listening programs together to provide the best possible sound. Wearers can put the hearing devices on in the morning and take them off at night, without the hassle of manual adjustmenting their hearing aids throughout the day. A more sophisticated frequency-compression (also known as frequency lowering) strategy is incorporated into the Audéo B and is specifically designed for users that suffer from a more severe high frequency hearing loss.

Popular Audeo Models

  • Audeo Marvel (M)
  • Audeo Marvel (M-R)
  • Audeo B-Direct (for direct Android streaming)
  • Audeo B-R rechargeable
  • Audeo B-312T (with telecoil)
  • Audeo B-10 (smaller size with size 10 battery)

More Audeo Features

  • Tinnitus program (for relief from ringing in the ears)
  • Telecoil (for hearing better on landline phones and in public facilities)
  • Speech enhancement (for hearing better in noisy environments)
  • Directional microphones
  • Push button for manual adjustments (if needed)

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  • Full manufacturer warranty, typically 3 years
  • Local fitting and programming
  • Follow-up adjustment
  • Yearly checkup, cleaning and reprogramming

In addition, we deliver anywhere in Maricopa county (and beyond), including Sun City, Glendale, Goodyear, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Gilbert. 

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