Widex Evoke Hearing Aids

New in 2018!

The brand-new Widex Evoke hearing aids are the latest in hearing technology from one of the top brands in hearing aid manufacturing. The Evoke hearing aids are the first to utlize machine learning and use user preferences to adapt to each user over time.

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Widex Evoke Features

  • Machine Learning using Soundsense Adapt
  • Continuously learns from the wearers’ real-life listening experiences
  • Pure-Link 2.4 GHz wireless for direct audio streaming
  • Faster and more accurate sound processing, resulting in more effective listening in complex listening environments
  • Compatible with DEX accessories

Widex Evoke Pricing

Evoke 220


Evoke 330


Evoke 440


Soundsense Adapt and Soundsense Learn

Evoke hearing aids are the only hearing aids available (as of May 2018) that adapt over time, based on user input and preferences. SoundSense Adapt is available in every FUSION 2 hearing aid, including Evoke. To use SoundSense Learn to proactively predict and refine your listening programs you will need to need to download and install the free EVOKE App for iOS or Android mobile devices. The EVOKE App also allows users to fine-tune their sound programs manually, adjust the microphone directionality, and tune the audio streamed from Apple smartphones.

More Evoke Features

The Widex EVOKE has a water-resistant coating, telecoil, push button, made for iphone capability, android compatibility, up to 15 processing channels, high pitch boost, ear simulation, noise reduction, sudden loud noise reduction, directionality, listening programs, tinnitus relief, frequency lowering, adjustment bands, stereo audio streaming, wind noise reduction, machine learning and spatial noise cancellation.

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  • Full manufacturer warranty, typically 3 years
  • Local fitting and programming
  • Follow-up adjustment
  • Yearly checkup, cleaning and reprogramming

In addition, we deliver anywhere in Maricopa county (and beyond), including Sun City, Glendale, Goodyear, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Gilbert. 

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